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Accountability and Transparency over Lies, Propaganda, and Misinformation

DIGITAL CAMPAIGNING using FAKE NEWS and Misinformation a very effective Political Weapon of POLITICAL DYNASTIES. Another term of guaranteed wealth and power for family members of well known political clans, courtesy of their LOYALISTS. Political Clans are celebrating their victories and cannot wait for another distribution of PORK BARREL. Support from LOYALISTS continue to fund their lavish lifestyle as the country continues to racked up the NATIONAL DEBT to the tune of P12 TRILLION, and counting. Another critical factor in the success of Political Dynasties is the Deterioration of Quality of NEWS. Corrupt Leaders has managed to control the stories and narrative you watch in all major news network. It is their goal that INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM does not dominate prime time news. The public is bombarded with changes in price of consumer goods every single day. When you have ultimate control of what the public see and hear you can dictate what they can know and understand. You can also dictate what is reality and facts, including rewriting of history. NEWS MEDIA's inability to question the actions of corrupt leadership is a fertile ground for Corrupt Politicians. Finally, when a country is dominated by corrupt politicians it will just be a matter of time before infighting dominates the political scene. If there's one thing about corrupt leaders 'SHARING' wealth and power will be their weakness. I will not be surprised if bad circumstance start happening to some of these people. And when it happens, the author of the despicable act, can easily point all the blame towards the opposition. I am not wishing for any harm on these people, I am just stating the natural tendencies of CORRUPTION. Just look at what is happening with Putin's unprovoked attacked on Ukraine. When criticism against Putin's invasion of Ukraine started to surface, 5 Russian Billionaire and their families suddenly died of "UNUSUAL CIRCUMSTANCE". They are Putin's allies until they start questioning the validity of Putin's action. So, to all who still believe that the country deserves better leaders, our fight for a better Government continues.

I AM JUST CURIOUS: How much did the family of the successor promised the family of the incumbent to secure their political support? Has CHINA successfully installed their preferred leaders?

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