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Focus on Good Ideas and Platforms over Propaganda and Misinformation

CORRUPTION in times of PANDEMIC: After receiving almost P9 Billion worth of contract Pharmally Executives claims it cannot provide or find supporting documents for their COGS. COGS is Cost of Goods Sold it refers to the direct costs of producing the goods sold by a company. This amount includes the cost of the materials and labor directly used to create the good. It excludes indirect expenses, such as distribution costs and sales force costs. This is why this issue REEKS of CORRUPTION because every entrepreneur knows and documents their Cost of Goods Sold. Watch the Senate lead investigator discuss this issue by copying and paste this link to your browser - - Latest News from WORLD BANK shows the Philippines is the Biggest Borrower during this Pandemic but ranked Last in Covid Response. OPPOSITIONS INABILITY to UNITE is a GUARANTEED WIN for Corrupt Leaders: The biggest threat to Corrupt Leaders and Politicians in power is a United Opposition. The goal of corrupt leaders is to divide the country and keep their loyalists intact to guarantee their win in any election. They understand that people who hates corruption are more IDEALISTIC than PRAGMATIC. Unfortunately, idealistic politics is a guaranteed way to keep corrupt leaders in positions of power. The weakness of ‘Idealistic Candidates’ is their passion for their cause and set of beliefs, they have no room for ‘Pragmatism’. Unfortunately, ‘IDEALISM’ only matters if you are in a position of power, it is the only way to implement changes you wish to achieve. You need to win an election then your platforms can matter. Your hopes and wishes for a better country will remain just that, ‘HOPES and WISHES’, if you are not elected. During the last election Senators Grace Poe and Mar Roxas failed to unite, and we all know what happened there. Their inability to put COUNTRY FIRST has paved the way to a new breed of Corrupt Leaders bringing with them an Army of Loyalists Trolls. THE NEW BREED OF LOYALISTS: Corrupt Leaders now rely on new breed of Loyalists. They are more active in social media and more than willing to argue and fight anyone including their own relatives in order to promote their chosen candidate. They find loyalty to a person is more important than what is good for the country. LOYALISTS are not platform driven it is all about the NAME of their chosen candidate. They love the idea of a DIVIDED COUNTRY for as long as their candidate is in power. LOYALIST are not concerned with Corruption. This is why SCAMS and PYRAMID SCHEMES thrive in a country dominated by people with the mindset of Blind Loyalty. Facts and Evidences are not their guide in life. How do I know these things? Because my Parents and In-Laws are Die-Hard Loyalists. CREATION of LOYALISTS via TROLLS: The ultimate goal of corrupt leaders is to create enough number of LOYALISTS to win elections and keep them and their corrupt friends in power. WHAT IS BLIND LOYALTY: Blind loyalty involves being loyal to a person or cause despite the damage the person or cause does to himself or herself or others. Excusing bad behavior in the name of protecting allegiance to another seems honorable at first, but is ultimately dangerous as silence is a form of collusion. Many people feel torn between retaining loyalty to a cause or group and risking rejection or ostracism or personal attack by outing misconduct. BLIND LOYALTY is the biggest threat to Democracy, and use of ONLINE TROLLS is the most effective political weapon of corrupt leaders today. Finally, I would like to encourage all eligible voters, especially the younger generation, to elevate discussion around GREAT IDEAS on how to move the country forward. Focus on PLATFORMS and move away from politics driven solely by 'Blind Loyalty'. The life of the Filipino people and the future of the country is simply worth a lot more than keeping a political clan or family in power.

Watch Promises Made in 2016 Vice Presidential Debate and remember the promise of 'Give us 3-6 months to get rid of Corruption and Drug Problems'::

Focus on Platforms instead of Propaganda and Misinformation at


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